For The Ladies: The Best Richard Mille Watches For Women

For The Ladies: The Best Richard Mille Watches For Women

A new name, Richard Mille, popped up in the watchmaking industry in 2001. And since 2001, it has been nothing but a success story for the brand. Initially, Richard Mille produced watches designed to attract the male audience, but this changed in 2005 when Richard Mille shifted its strategy and started to produce watches for both men and women. Since 2005, designing watches that attract women has been a part of the business development strategy Richard Mille has adopted. Over these years, we have seen a lot of development by Richard Mille in the female watches, from designs to movements. Before we look at the best Richard Mille watches for women, it is better to learn the history of ladies' Richard Mille watches first.

The History 

In 2005, Richard Mille shifted the business development strategy a little bit as he realized that producing watches that attracted the female audience was also better for developing his business. This was the year when Richard Mille launched the RM 007 Automatic, the first ever Richard Mille timepiece designed for women. 5 years later, in 2010, Michelle Yeoh became the first ever female partner of Richard Mille. And three more years later, in 2013, Italian golfer Diana Luna became the first woman from sports to partner with Richard Mille. Richard Mille dedicated the whole of 2014 to women by labeling the year "Year of the Women." During this year, Richard Mille introduced the RM 07-01 and the RM 037 in-house automatic calibers, RM 19-01 Tourbillon, and the RM 51-01 Tourbillon Michelle Yeoh. This was also the year when American golfer, Cristie Kerr, joined the Richard Mille family. In 2016, German dressage rider Jessica von Bredow-Werndl joined the Richard Mille family. In 2017, Australian actress Margot Robbie became a Richard Mille partner and ambassador. The following year, Richard Mille presented the first in-house automatic tourbillon movement with the introduction of the ladies watch, the RM 71-01 Tourbillon Talisman. In 2020, Yulia Levchenko, the Ukrainian high jumper, joined the Richard Mille family. The following year, Richard Mille continued the hype around the RM 07-01 by launching three more additions to the lineup, the RM 07-01 Pastel Blue, the RM 07-01 Pastel Pink, and the RM 07-01 Pastel Lavender. And now we are in 2022, and it has been 17 years now since the brand started to produce ladies' timepieces. Now let us look at the best timepieces among them.

Richard Mille RM 007

The first ever Richard Mille watch produced for the ladies, the RM 007 is the most famous Richard Mille watch for women. Most hype around it is about its history but do not let that overshadow this fantastic timepiece's actual design and technical brilliance. Launched in 2005, the RM 007 featured an automatic movement in the form of Calibre RM007. It had smaller dimensions and fitted on the wrist with perfection. This watch was ahead of its time.

Richard Mille RM 07-02 Sapphire 

This Richard Mille watch has combined technical excellence with beauty. Richard Mille knows that although women can be fascinated by spectacular movements, they still have to appear good. This watch is perfectly built for this scenario. It is made from a single block of pink sapphire. This watch features CRMA5, which is a skeletonized automatic-winding in-house movement. The case is set with diamonds which overall enhances the beauty of this watch. Spectacular! 

Richard Mille RM 037 Automatic Winding

With the RM 037, Richard Mille brought together all the experience the brand gained from the beginning. The result was a watch that looked aesthetically pleasing while still being technically excellent. It features Calibre CRMA1, which is a skeletonized automatic-winding in-house movement. Its case is set with diamonds. You can get this watch from here.

Richard Mille RM 74-02 Automatic Winding Tourbillon 

The RM 74-02 is yet another masterpiece from Richard Mille. This gorgeous watch features an in-house Calibre CRMT5, a skeletonized automatic-winding tourbillon movement. Its case is crafted from gold Carbon TPT. This Richard Mille watch comes with a rubber strap. If interested, you can purchase this watch from here.

Richard Mille RM 51-01 Tourbillon Michelle YeohIn 2014, Richard Mille and Michelle Yeoh launched the RM 51-01 Tourbillon Michelle Yeoh. It features Calibre RM51-01, a manual-winding tourbillon movement. The dial has a tiger and dragon crafted from red gold. Tigers and dragons are significant in Asian culture. This stunning watch was sadly limited to only 20 pieces.

Richard Mille RM 07-01 Colored Ceramic

The RM 07-01 Pastel Blue, RM 07-01 Pastel Pink, and the RM 07-01 Pastel Lavender were added to the RM 07-01 collection last year. These colorful watches are perfect for summer, and they added color to this feminine collection. They featured Calibre CRMA2, a skeletonized automatic movement. Honestly, these watches are a piece of art and look great on the wrist.


Richard Mille has brought innovation to the luxury watch market. The Swiss luxury watch manufacturer has done a great job by involving females in the industry. This has not only led to the production of excellent timepieces for women but has also expanded the business. Now with more women involved in the industry than ever, we expect this number to increase even more over the years. All of this will lead to the production of excellent timepieces like the ones mentioned above.