Hottest Rolex watches that you must invest in

When buying a watch, it is always recommended that people should buy what
they like. But, watches can also sometimes serve as investments, and people
should consider the future value of watches.
Before getting started, it is better to know what an investment watch is. An
investment watch includes undervalued watches, discontinued watches and
watches that will get even more expensive if you wait another year to buy one.
Without further ado, here are some of the hottest Rolex watches you should
invest in.

Rolex Submariner

Models to invest in:
– Ref. 116610LN
– Ref. 16610

– Ref. 14060
– Ref. 16613
Only a handful of luxury watches out there are more widely regarded as blue-chip investments than the Rolex Submariner. 2020 was a massive year for the
collection as Rolex discontinued all the 40mm models and rolled out a new line of watches with 41mm cases. Like any other stainless steel Rolex sports watch
recently released, open market prices for the latest Rolex Submariner watches are high. However, this means that the value of the previous generation of the Rolex Submariner watches has increased.
Other than the 1mm change in the case size and a few other changes, the latest
ref.126610LN is very similar to the older ref.116610LN. The significant change is
the updated Caliber 3235 movement. The ref.116610LN can now be purchased
for a few thousand less than the latest one while still offering a lot of the same
Moreover, the 40mm watches with aluminum bezel inserts particularly, the
ref.16610 and the ref.14060, also offer strong investment potential. Being the
least expensive Submariner models and the last generation to feature classic
proportions of the Rolex Submariner, these watches saw an increase of 20% in
value in 2020, and as we see now, the prices of these watches continue to rise.
Lastly, the popularity of two-tone watches has increased over the past couple of
years. So if you want to add a two-toned watch to your collection, you can snag
the ref.16613 in stainless steel and 18 karats yellow gold for nearly the same price as the all stainless steel model.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Models to invest in:
– Ref. 124300
– Ref. 126000
– Ref. 114300
– Ref. 116000
Oyster Perpetual is a very old name in Rolex’s collection. While, historically, there isn’t that much hype around Rolex Oyster Perpetual, 2020 was a significant year for the Oyster Perpetual.
Along with colorful dials and new movements came the all-new 41mm version of
the Rolex Oyster perpetual, which took the place of the collections biggest model.
The lively dial versions of the 41mm ref.124300 and the 36mm ref. 126000 are
highly popular and are selling for about 50% to 150% above their new retail prices in the open market.

The recently discontinued Oyster Perpetual 39 ref.114300 also has investment
potential. With its short production period (2015-2020) and the 39mm case, its
value has been on the rise since its discontinuation.
Lastly, with the prices of the new Oyster Perpetual 36 being high, the older
generation ref.116000 now offers a lot of value. While they may lack the new and
updated movements, timekeeping performance will be identical at -2/+2 seconds
per day. The lugs of the older generation ref.116000 are slightly bigger, giving the
watch a more sporty look.

Rolex GMT-Master & GMT-Master II

Models to invest in:
– Ref. 16750
– Ref. 16760
– Ref. 16710
– Ref. 116710LN
The Rolex GMT-Master II is regarded as one of the most popular watches in the
world. And the older and discontinued models offer a lot of investment opportunities.
The prices of vintage watches can be pretty high, so the Rolex GMT-Master
ref.1675 has been expensive for years now. The ref.16750 is very similar to the
ref.1675 and offers the same vintage look. The ref.16750 can be found for a few
thousand dollars less than matte dial ref.1675 and almost half the price of the
older gilt dial examples.
As of Rolex GMT-Master II models, some of the best investment exists in the first two generations of the watch, the ref.16760 and the ref.16710. The ref.16760 is the first model of the Rolex GMT-Master II, and it sells slightly above the price of the similarly styled ref.16710. With that said, both models are the least expensive GMT-Master II watches available out there. Plus, they offer classic styling and case proportions which are becoming quite popular among today’s collectors.
Another excellent investment is the ref.116710LN. While it doesn’t feature the
split-colour bezel insert, it has the distinction of being the first stainless steel
Rolex GMT watch to feature a ceramic bezel. Given its significant role in the
history of the brands pilot watch, prices can’t stay low forever.

Rolex Datejust

Models to invest in:
– Ref. 1601
– Ref. 16013
– Ref. 16233
– Ref. 116233
The Rolex Datejust is one of Rolex’s best selling watches. The 36mm stainless
steel and yellow gold model was at its peak of popularity in the 1980s. The classic
two-tone Datejust 36 remains shockingly affordable on the pre-owned markets
relative to other famous Rolex models.
Whether you choose to add the ref.1601, the ref.16013, or the ref.16233 to your
collection, it will cost you around $5k or $8k on the pre-owned markets.
On the modern side, the ref.116233 offers the same look and feel as the current-
production model with its redesigned case with thicker lugs and solid-link
bracelets. It has an open market price of a couple of thousand less than the
 current version. The Rolex Datejust 36 ref.116233 is a highly attractive model for buyers on the secondary market.


The watches we discussed are not only an excellent investment but they are also good looking. These watches are highly valued in the market, and you should be looking to invest in them.