Reasons to buy a luxury watch

Reasons to buy a luxury watch

Luxury watches have long been symbolizing wealth, class and finesse among aristocratic factions of society, so much so, the basic time telling function of watch has been dwarfed by other meanings attached to it. From a style icon to a display of riches to an investment tool, luxury watches now days are far more than mere time telling devices. No wonder, watch industry is thriving undeterred through centuries.

When luxury watches have a wide range of prices, some iconic watches by world’s top brands cost as much as a house or even more. Why people buy luxury watches despite their costing a fortune is a matter of passion among other notable reasons. With a rich history to back, luxury watches have been the most valuable gadgets owned and cherished by mankind – and rightly so.
Here are some of the reasons for buying a luxury watch.
Luxury watches are specimens of art:

Reasons to buy a luxury watch
Horology is highly comparable to artistry. Mechanical watches are individually made by expert watchmakers with a lot of complexity, hard work, dedication and attention to details. A watch comprises complex machinery which is assembled intricately by seasoned hands. A watch, therefore, is a piece of art rather than a gadget. And people who have an eye for creative art regard watches as highly artistic and products of great craftsmanship. This accounts for high prices of luxury watches. Though building material including gems and precious metals used for making luxury watches is highly expensive, the cost of world’s most expensive watches is derived from the fine work of the creator and not for the cost incurred in creating them, like other forms of art. Specimens of great artistry are highly expensive, so are luxury watches. One would buy a rare luxury watch worth thousands of dollars like one would buy any other work of some renowned and acclaimed artist.

Reasons to buy a luxury watch
Having appreciation for art is considered a sign of high aesthetic sense and finesse of the personality. You ought to adorn your wrist with a luxury watch for the same reason you ought to adorn your wall with an M.F. Hussain painting.
Luxury watches serve as precious heirloom:
Unlike most gadgets that are frequently replaced with newer models while previous models go redundant in the life span of one individual, luxury watches last forever and are passed on to successive generations like heirloom – with minor adjustments. You can buy a Rolls Royce or an Aston Martin today but five years down the road you yourself or your children would want a newer model. Ever heard of an heir driving the car his grandfather once drove? It is highly unlikely. But a Patek Philippe or Rolex would continue to charm your son and grandson without ever being outdated. In fact, they would be treated like classics. If you are lucky enough to have inherited a luxury watch from your ancestors, cherish it and take care of it well before you pass it on. If you have not inherited one and are blessed enough to be able to afford it, buy one today and begin a tradition that would outlive you and many of your generations.
Reflective of social standing:
Super luxury watches belong to a league of people that is anything but ordinary. If you happen to be a part of that special league, let it be shown. Once you move out of your villa and hand your car keys over to a valet, few things walk with you that speak of the stature you belong to. A luxury watch is perhaps loudest of them. When you are wearing a timepiece that only one or two percent of the population can afford to buy, you are bound to inspire awe in others. Being humble and modest does not stop you from being classy and exclusive. A luxury watch subtly exhibits your social standing without your being pompous. Let everything you wear reflect who you are.
High investment value:
Most of the highly expensive things we buy serve their purpose well but depreciate with time. Luxury watches, though depreciate slightly, maintain their worth by virtue of regularly increasing prices of the leading watch brands. Watch brands revise their prices every couple of years so the net worth of your timepiece will be maintained, even improved. Besides, pre owned luxury watches that are a few decades older are a rarity and are regarded high in vintage watch market. A good number of classic models of high-end watch brands have been sold in auctions for prices that were many folds higher than their original price. Luxury watches, therefore, have an investment value. It is tantamount to eating your cake and having it to. You can enjoy a highly in demand watch, flaunt it, make it your style statement and then sell it at a profit.
Perfect amalgam of quality and style:
Timekeeping is a habit of successful men throughout the world, since time is money for modern man. When calculating every second is a call of time, why not do it with quality and style? Luxury watches offer quality timekeeping to men of quality. Highly skilled horologists are employed by the famous watches brands that put in great effort and dedication in creating signature watches for the gentry. These masterpieces are highly reliable devices that maintain accurate timekeeping over decades. If your time counts, let it be counted by a gadget that is created over years by some finest watchmakers using cutting edge technology with remarkably high standards of craftsmanship. After all, quality is a priority for men of stature.

Reasons to buy a luxury watch
A luxury watch makes a perfect style statement that is characteristic to an individual. Luxury watches come in a variety of styles and your choice of a timepiece depicts your personality and taste. Be it a simple and elegant dress watch or a robust and chunky sports watch, if worn aptly with the right combination of attire for the right occasion, it would display the excellence of your fashion sense. A smart outlook, after all, is the first window to a man’s personality.