These Richard Mille Watches Would Instantly Make You Look Hot

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These Richard Mille Watches Would Instantly Make You Look Hot

Richard Mille has indeed become a dominant player in the watch industry. That being the reason, we can't deny the fact that this particular brand has become an aesthetic for people who choose nothing but perfection.

Richard Mille watches are classic and would instantly add that oomph to your personality. We bet once you get yourself a Richard Mille watch, your hunt for the 'watch of my dreams' would end right there.

The Design screams Attention! 

Have you ever wondered why a Richard Mille watch is spotted on the wrists of your favourite celebrities?

You probably have seen pictures of Niki Minaj and Drake wearing a Richard Mille watch and flaunting it like no one else. These luxurious timepieces are indeed the choice of hot people.

The way a Richard Mille watch is designed: size and shape are done keeping in mind both functioning and appearance. That is why this marvellous timepiece can be easily recognized even from a distance. 

Inspired by automotive design, the aesthetic that Richard Mille offers is unapologetically bold.

When talking about Richard Mille, Forbes said that buying a Richard Mille is the same as purchasing a mini sports car for the wrist.

Mille himself says about his timepieces that 'I want people to see my watches and go Wow! '

The Most Drool-worthy Richard Mille Watch Designs

A Richard Mille watch is something that not only is drool-worthy but also comes in a limited edition. We all know that the Richard Mille watch price tag contributes to this limiting factor. This makes the timepieces unique and outstanding. With the most appealing designs, the brand has put itself in the position where it offers a great combination of high tech performance and exquisite taste. 

Let's go through the most drool-worthy Richard Mille watch designs, which we can't think to afford unless we start saving up for atleast 10-15 years.

The Richard Mille Blueprint

 Would you believe that Richard Mille blueprint was only manufactured in only one piece? Believe it or not, this very rare, one of a kind piece is present in the personal collection of Jay Z.

Without any doubt, Richard Mille has made some of the most expensive watches ever, but the particular model takes the crown of being super expensive with the price of $2.5 million.

Richard Mille never officially released any exact details about this watch. Still, according to Alex Todd, the blueprint took as long as 3,000 hours to make because it’s made out of genuine sapphire rather than sapphire glass.

 Richard Mille has dealt with sapphire before but never to this level. Sapphire is one of the most challenging stones to work with and demands high precision.

 The Blueprint is the RM056 Tourbillon split-seconds timepiece, but rather it is made entirely of blue sapphire. Jay Z wore it for the first it on the red carpet of NAACP awards in 2019. There's a reason why we say Richard Mille watches instantly make you look hot.

The Richard Mille RM 51-02 Tourbillon Diamond Twister

 The Tourbillon Diamond Twister is so outstanding that it has the word “whirlwind” twice in its name. Initially released in 2016, this Richard Mille watch made headlines again in 2019 when a thief stole this precious timepiece from a Japanese tourist’s wrist while he went out for a cigarette in Paris. You've got to be careful when wearing an $830,000 watch while stepping out for a smoke.


 This Richard Mille watch is extremely rare as only 30 pieces of this Tourbillon Diamond Twister were manufactured. As the name suggests, this luxurious timepiece is all covered in diamonds, from the dial to the bezel and the crown. Depending on the size and cut of the diamonds, and the type of case you are going for, whether it’s a men or women’s version, this Richard Mille watch price can skyrocket to approximately $1 million.

The perfect combination of black sapphires and diamonds, along with the black onyx baseplate, titanium elements and visible movements, make this diamond twister watch highly sophisticated.

The Richard Mille RM 052 Tourbillon Skull

 This Richard Mille watch is one of the most complicated skull timepieces ever produced because it fully integrates the skull motif into the timepiece.

This exclusive timepiece was released in 2012. There were only 21 pieces of the Tourbillon Skull that were ever made, out of which 15 were titanium, and 6 were in red or white gold, with prices starting at about $500,000.

The Tourbillon Skull is attractive in its aesthetic and functioning, comprising of 4 bridges that connect the movement to the case. These are arranged in a skull-and-crossbones pattern which looks very impressive. The hour and minute hands form the crossbones of the timepiece, whereas the upper and lower jaws grip the ruby of the tourbillon cage. This Richard Mille watch is water-resistant, with sapphire forming the front and back case.


This article proves that Richard Mille watches aren't just luxurious timepieces but a true definition of sophistication and perfect design that instantly adds a touch of glamour to your personality.