Celebrating The Modern Women - Richard Mille Ladies’ Timepieces

Celebrating The Modern Women - Richard Mille Ladies’ Timepieces

Richard Mille goes far in its celebration of modern women. The Swiss luxury brand has gone from producing exceptional timepieces for women to partnering up with some of the best female personalities who are on the top in their respective fields. 

The daughter of Richard Mille and the Brand and Partnerships Director at Richard Mille, Amanda Mille, says “Although technology, innovation, and creative boldness are the cornerstones of Richard Mille, our adventure is above all a family story.” “By giving his own name to the company he founded, my father demonstrated the importance he attaches to human relations from the outset.” 

Respect for individuals and what they can offer has been one of the major foundations of the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer. This has been perfectly shown by how women are treated equally important throughout the company. Amanda Mille’s high-rank position in the brand is a great example. There are also a great number of female personalities from different worlds, including sports and the arts, representing this luxurious watchmaking brand.

Let us now discuss the female partners of Richard Mille.

Michelle Yeoh:

When we talk about women in Richard Mille, Michelle Yeoh is the first name that pops up in mind. 

“From the start, it was a mutual respect for each other’s artistry. I don’t think you can represent a brand if you don’t believe in their values. Take what he’s doing now for young artists, helping them to push their boundaries. That’s the person I know, and the person that I’ve come to love and admire,” says Michelle Yeoh.

When Richard Mille and Michelle Yeoh encountered each other for the first time, Richard Mille was impressed by the renowned actress’s personality and sense of luxury. He suggested that the two create two luxury timepieces together, the RM 051 and the RM 51-01 tourbillon.

Michelle Yeoh was a superstar in Asia with more than thirty movies to his name when she got onto the international scene with her role in the James Bond movie “Tomorrow Never Dies” in 1997. And today, Michelle Yeoh might be the most prolific Asian actress of all time.

Michelle Yeoh further says, “The first present I ever received from my dad was a watch. And then the first significant thing I ever bought myself was a watch, and my love grew from there. used to only wear very big, masculine watches, because for me it is a statement. A watch isn’t just about telling the time. I don’t agree that women should only wear small watches.”

Aurora Straus:

Another Richard Mille partner is Aurora Straus. She is the only professional female sportscar racer in North America. 

She says, “What I’ve slowly fallen in love with is my place in the motorsport’s world as a woman. That’s not to say I’m treated any differently out on the track, but I think I’m in a unique position in the sense that I can reach out to an entire generation of young girls.”

She has been a Richard Mille partner since 2018. 

Christie Kerr:

The most decorated women golfer in the history of golf, Christie Kerr, is a partner of Richard Mille. 

She says, “I am honoured to be the face of a brand that, for me, symbolises art, expertise and excellence.”

She has also earned the title of the highest-earning American female golfer of all time. 

Yuliya Levchenko:

Yuliya Levchenko is a Ukrainian high jumper who has been a partner of Richard Mille since 2018. 

She says, “What I like about Richard Mille is the idea of bringing together the ‘friends of the brand’. It’s like a team. Some are sportspeople, others are not. There are also artists and actors. I love this vision. It’s almost as if I’ve joined a new family.”

She was named the best Ukrainian female athlete of 2017.

The ever-growing Richard Mille’s list of partners continues to expand. Some other female members include:

Nafi Thiam, Maria Vicente, Jessica Von Bredow-Werndl, Flore Giraud, Ester Ledecká, Nelly Korda, and Diana Luna.

Now let us look at some modern women’s timepieces that Richard Mille launched.

The RM 07-01:

The RM 07-01 is a timepiece that combines mechanical perfection with beauty. This stunning watch is available in white ATZ ceramic and warm brown TZP ceramic, with a red gold caseband, and versions in 18k white or red gold. Caliber CRMA2, a skeletonized automatic movement, powers this watch. It also has a power reserve of circa 50 hours.

The RM 037:

Similarly stunning is the RM 037, which is a feminine version of the original unisex RM 037. Caliber CRMA1 powers this gorgeous watch. Encasing this mechanical perfection is the beautiful case, available in 18k red gold or white gold case, or with an 18k red gold caseband and ceramic bezels in white or black. 


The watches we discussed are undoubtedly as appealing as the women who choose to wear them.