Finest watch designs by Richard Mille that would add a spark to your outfit

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Finest watch designs by Richard Mille that would add a spark to your outfit

If you’ve ever seen a Richard Mille watch, you’d probably know why it’s a favorite luxury watch brand of many celebrities and classy people. Richard Mille is a modern luxury timepiece that has proven itself to be incredibly fashionable.

What's excellent about Richard Mille is that it provides one with aesthetics far from the usual ones. Richard Mille thinks out of the box and has been very popular to be loud and iconic in their designs. That's why people of great taste find Richard Mille Maclaren their go-to.

 This article will talk about how the marvelous mechanic Richard Mille watches can add a spark to your outfit. 

Bonus: we've also listed some common mistakes that people make when styling their watches.

RM 60-01 Regatta Flyback Chronograph

The Regatta Flyback Chronograph has a double-barrel system for a fantastic performance. It is the first navigation technical watch produced by the brand with a huge, semi-instantaneous date and month display. The sapphire dial makes it more attractive. 

The RM 60-01 watch is named after a boating event sponsored by Richard Mille called the Voiles de Saint-Barth regatta. Even though this watch has a face of 50mm diameter, the presence of titanium makes this watch super light. The price for this classic timepiece starts at approximately $132,260.

RM 59-01 Yohan Blake Tourbillon

RM 59 came into existence due to the partnership of Richard Mille and the Olympic sprinter Yohan Blake. The most appealing thing about this watch is its lively color palette, which has yellow, green, and red that reflects Blake’s Jamaican heritage. 

The design offers elegance and comfort as it is durable, lightweight provides high performance. This is because of the integration of silicon, magnesium, and aluminum. This luxury timepiece has a value of $620,000.

RM 027 Rafael Nadal Tourbillon

The Rafael Nadal Tourbillon was designed for sports fanatics. Keeping tennis players in mind, this nadal watch model is a genuine accessory for sports lovers. The world-famous tennis player Rafael Nadal has been a spokesperson for this brand.

Not only does the RM 027 look outstanding, but it’s also a perfect fit for actions involved in sports. 

It’s also lightweight, making it an ideal watch for athletics as it comes in at less than 20 grams. The Nadal watch case has carbon inside to make it more robust. The glass is anti-glare so that you can see the face in any light. RM 027 has titanium, and high technology alloys make it flexible and shock resistant. This Richard Mille watch price is $376,000.

Avoid These Mistakes When Styling Your Richard Mille Watch

A watch is something every guy must have. It's an accessory that completes the outfit. Whether you're wearing a suit or jeans, it adds the details and completes the outfit. 

When you decide which watch you are going to wear today, you must go through the following rules.

Rule #1 Small Watch Faces 

Don't go for a Richard Mille watch with a face that is way too big. A few years ago, these watches were trendy and famous, but that time is long gone. Small face watches rule the world now and look super stylish with every outfit.

This is because it's more classy and looks decent. You don't want humongous thing on your wrist anyway as it's too clunky and heavy.

How do you figure out if a watch is too big for you? 

It depends on the size of the wrist. For some, 40 is too big, but for others, it's a standard size.

Your watch is an addition to your outfit, a detail. Not the main attraction!

Rule #2 Find the right strap 

Alot of people prefer Stainless Steel for an everyday watch. Others like a nice leather strap. If you are wearing a formal outfit, the rubber strap is not going to work. The leather strap goes with formals way better. Casual clothing and Stainless Steel or rubber strap go perfectly well. 

When buying a watch, think of your everyday style. So you can buy the right strap for it.

Rule #3 Which wrist to wear the watch

Most people prefer to wear their nadal watch on their non-dominant hand, so if you're right-handed, you will wear them on your left wrist. 

Most people wear watches on their left hands because over 80% of the population is right-handed.

The reason for wearing on our non-dominant side is because we're more active with our dominant hands.

We do many things with our right hand, so we don't want the watch getting damaged or getting in our way.

The truth is there's no correct side. Just choose the wrist you are more comfortable with. 

Rule #4 Watch Placement

What most people overlook is where your watch should be placed on your wrist. A lot of people make a mistake when placing their watch. A Richard Mile watch must be placed before the wrist bone. This way, you're not losing any mobility when it's too close to your hands.

Rule #5 No Loose strap 

Make sure that your strap perfectly fits your wrist. Most people wear these luxurious Richard Mille Maclaren watches, but what puts us off is that it doesn't fit and looks like dancing up and down their hands. It's not classy, instead gives a sloppy look. On the other hand, don't make it super tight. It would be uncomfortable and cut off the blood circulation.


A Richard Mille watch indeed adds a spark into the outfit. That’s why people with great taste sport these ultra-modern Nadal watches on their wrists all the time. Thanks to celebrities and sportsmen like Rafael Nadal that these Richard Mille Watches have increased in popularity. 

If you know about Richard Mille watches, you might know that there is always a limited quantity available. This also translates into paying the high Richard Mille price. We must say that these amazing and stylish watches are totally worth it!