Finest Watch Manufacturers In The World: Patek Philippe

Finest Watch Manufacturers In The World: Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is known widely as one of the finest watch manufacturers in the World. But if you ask a bunch of watch enthusiasts to rank the top 5 Patek Philippe watches of the 21st century, there would be a lot of agreements and disagreements. While they would all agree that Patek Philippe has released some of the most iconic watches ever, they would have their own opinions about which references would make their top 5 list.

Here is our list of 5 of the best Patek Philippe watches of the 21st century:

NAUTILUS, Ref.5711/1a

On the 30th Anniversary of the model, in 2006,  Patek released the modern version of the Nautilus, ref.5711.

While it retained its classical beauty, it came with a few innovations. Firstly, it had a greater water resistance. It also had a greater corrosion resistance as a higher quality of steel was used. Moreover, the watch was now more comfortable due to a superior double-folding clasp.

It utilizes self-winding mechanical movement. The case is made from a special type of stainless steel and has a Sapphire-crystal case back.

To sum up, it is an everyday watch that everyone desires.


A direct descendant of the Iconic references 2499 and 1518, the 5970 added a modern style to the classic roots of its vintage models. With its balanced proportions and 40mm case diameter, the 5970 is admired by the collectors. It was released in 2004 and was produced for only 7 years.

The 5970 was released in four different editions, 18-karat Yellow Gold, Rose Gold, White Gold and Platinum. Its classical aesthetics make it sought after even today.


This watch was another one of the great traditions of Patek Philippe's astronomical watches. It was a watch of multiple complications. This timepiece, while giving its poetic display, the celestials, has a special place in the hearts of the collectors.

It is obvious that the 6102P was not designed to be elegant. It was designed to give out a poetic vibe. The celestial theme in the display tells that. Patek released this watch for the dreamers.

The dial is built from several layers of Sapphire crystals. Sky Moon Celestial holds a special place in Patek Philippe's series of collections. The poetic complications with a bigger size(than the rest of Patek Philippe's watches) make this watch near perfect.


It was a surprise when Patek Philippe released this model in 2009. This was the first time they introduced their traditional chronograph movement in a ladies' timepiece. Patek Philippe introduced this watch to remove feminine indifferences to mechanical watches.

From the watch's movement to the hours of hands adjustment, the females appreciate this perfect timepiece. The 7071 is fully detailed in every aspect of the watch.

It has a retro vibe, and the 116 diamonds on its dial, add even more shine to this fantastic piece.


The most expensive watch ever sold. This luxurious timepiece was sold for $31 Million on the 9th of November in Geneva.

This watch was crafted to celebrate Patek Philippe's 175th Anniversary in 2014. This was the brand's most complicated watch ever built. It took 7 years and approximately more than 100,000 hours to craft this luxurious wristwatch.

This watch featured traditional striking functions added to a modern chiming complication. The Grandmaster Chime was crafted with unique stainless steel. It has a Salmon dial debossed with the words 'The Only One'.

These watches may be the top 5 Patek Philippe watches of the 21st century, but if we talk about the top Patek Philippe watches ever, the name 'Ref.2499' always comes up.


This Patek Philippe watch is scarce, only 349 pieces were made, and was produced for a short time between 1950 and 1985. Ref.2499 is widely recognized as one of the most remarkable wristwatches ever crafted by Patek Philippe.

During the 25 years of its production, it underwent 4 significant changes. The first series from 1950 to 1960 had square chronograph pushers and a tachometer scale. The second-generation(1955-66) had round chronograph pushers. With the third generation(1960-78), Patek elevated the watch face. Between 1978 and 1984, Patek released the fourth generation. This series came with a striking design with round chronograph pushers and a Sapphire Crystal. Patek Philippe Baton numerals applied with an outer second division marked the end of the Patek Philippe Ref.2499.


Patek Philippe is indeed one of the World's finest watchmakers. Now in the hands of the fourth generation of the stern family, Patek still doesn't fail to amaze. Every  watch defines quality and luxury. Their designs are admired all over the World. Even after 182 years, their complicated yet attractive pieces are sure the ones to look out for.