Rolex is a British-founded Swiss watch designer and manufacturer based in Geneva, Switzerland.Founded in 1905

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A Rolex watch is a precious piece of jewelry possessing material and spiritual value as a symbol of significant events and achievements. It can serve as an heirloom, attribute of success, or just a beautiful accessory to create a stylish look.

Rolex is one of the founders of Swiss watchmaking. "Maximum quality for maximum money" is the unique immodest philosophy of this brand, which since its inception in 1905 has posed a tremendous demand among the wealthiest people. The Swiss watchmakers assemble wristwatches for the ages. That's why the used Rolex is not much different from the new ones. Sometimes vintage wristwatches of this renowned brand are even more precious than novelties.

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A sophisticated crown with a logo, a sparkling dial, an elegant filigree case, and a multitude of inscriptions describing the merits of the watch — this is the legendary Rolex, the symbol of wealth and prosperity.

By their style, the watches of the legendary Swiss brand can be divided into three main groups - elegant conservatism, sports, and style that matches the area of expertise for high-level specialists. At DubaiLuxuryWatch, we aim to give a second life to the pristine pieces of watchmaking art by selling second-hand Rolex at prices affordable to mid-budget buyers who strive for perfection.

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  • for men and women
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  • made of stainless steel 904L
  • Oyster series (waterproof)
  • professional series

Needless to say that all models represented in our catalog are hand-assembled and thoroughly tested by our experienced team of watchmakers.

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